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Parental Rights in Abuse and Neglect Cases

Parents' rights' are only superseded when they engage in conduct that rises to the level of abuse and/or neglect as defined by the Juvenile Court Act.  In some circumstances children become wards of the court and must be temporarily placed outside the parents' home.

Luke believes in the underpinnings of the Juvenile Court Act--it is a child's best interest to be in the care of his/her parents if at all possible.  The Act provides parents with ample opportunity to correct the conditions that led to their child's removal.

Cass County has been blessed with a judiciary that has always put the best interests of children first.  Luke would carry on and build upon this tradition.

Children deserve a loving, stable home, preferably with their parents.  When parents are unwilling or unable to correct the conditions that led to their child's removal, the Court must insist on a prompt resolution that brings stability in these children's lives in accordance with the law.

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