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Establishing Veterans Court and Problem Solving Courts

Establishing the Cass County Veterans Court



Luke cannot think of a worthier group of men and women to receive our assistance to protect and reestablish their lives when they have already done so for each of us.  Veterans courts give our veterans an opportunity to avoid conviction, job loss or loss of employment opportunities, and the stigma and consequence of being labeled a criminal.

Why start with veterans and not have an overall program for everyone?

In a small county such as ours, resources are far from unlimited. This would be a first-of-its-kind program for Cass County.  Establishing our program with a smaller group will allow us to focus on making the program a success.  Once established, funding and grant opportunities will be much more likely with a proven track record of success.   Likewise, other nearby counties may elect to participate through intergovernmental agreements if the program is manageable in size and cost.  IF we are going to start with a smaller group, our veterans come first.

This is no small commitment for the judge.  Establishing a veterans court, drug court, or other problem-solving court is much more in-depth than simply declaring "I'll start one".  There is a lengthy application process that must be submitted in order to receive certification from the Illinois Supreme Court.  Once certified, the local Court must establish the necessary documentation, consents, and otherwise documentation.  

Luke has already obtained the application and has received documentation necessary to establish a veterans court.  This is much more than a campaign promise or feel-good statement--it is a PASSION for Luke.  

Over the coming months, Luke will continue his work on this much needed program.  He will put together a list of service providers, possible team members, and reach out directly to veterans groups of input on the types of services they would like to see available for the veterans in need.

Luke welcomes your input, ideas and assistance.  Significant projects such as this are much more likely to succeed with input and teamwork.  

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