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Cass County's Needs and Expectations of the Judiciary

Luke and his wife Gwen, and their four children, Grant, Vivian, Ivana and Lucy reside in Ashland, and formerly lived in Beardstown.  Luke has lived in Cass County for the past 15+ years.  Luke’s wife, Gwen, was born and raised in Beardstown.  Their children attend A-C Central public school and the Virginia Daycare Center.  As a result, Luke knows the types of issues our communities face and the legal issues that affect our families.  

Our County is usually peaceful and consists of very caring people always willing to help in times of need. While we do not face some of the issues that gain national attention, our judicial system is very active.  Luke has practiced law in Cass County for the past 15 years in almost all facets of the law.  This experience has provided Luke with valuable insight into our County’s needs and expectations from the judiciary.

First and foremost, Luke is committed to ensuring everyone that comes before the Court is treated with patience, dignity, and fairness.  Luke strongly believes in individuals’ rights under our Constitution.  He will ensure those rights are protected. Luke’s loyalty is to the people of Cass County and ensuring not only individual rights are protected, but also the community at large.  

Luke recognizes many crimes result from drug and alcohol addiction and, regretfully, affects too many people in our County.  Addiction is far from victimless.  Families are torn apart, children are traumatized, and addiction can lead to accidents causing injury or death of innocent third parties. Addiction can lead good people to make bad decisions.  When criminal charges and conviction result, Luke is committed to using the full powers of the judiciary to achieve the greatest likelihood of recovery and success for the addict and the addict’s family.  

However, resources are not unlimited and there must be strong deterrence so that crime, injury or death do not result.  Luke will see that appropriate punishment is applied in all circumstances when conviction results.  Sometimes firmness may result in saved lives or justice may otherwise require it.

Violent crime, while rare, occurs in our County as well.  When criminal conviction results, Luke will make it clear that the people of Cass County will not tolerate violent crime in any form and that appropriate justice results.

Civil law also plays a large role in our County.  Our communities and businesses are all governed under civil law.  Luke has represented municipalities, districts, and other public bodies.  He has also represented some of the County’s largest businesses.  He understands the important role the judiciary plays in resolving differences promptly and fairly.

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